Dollars for Diapers

Your dollar donations grant us the most powerful way to acquire the many diapers required to keep babies clean, dry, and healthy. Every dollar that is donated helps families grow stronger.

In May of 2016, a diaper manufacturing company, a new e-commerce company, and a nationwide nonprofit network came together to level the playing field for families working to provide their babies with the essentials. They worked in partnership to address cost, storage, and shipping challenges, and assist nonprofits in purchasing and receiving diaper orders within two days with free shipping.

Today nonprofits can purchase diapers as much as 25 percent cheaper, order what they have room for, get the diaper sizes they need, and expect two to three day delivery. At present, every dollar that is donated buys about seven diapers, making families happier and healthier.

Make a Special Donation online NOW !

$25.00 USD will provide 175 diapers!
$50.00 USD will provide 350!
$100.00 USD will provide 700 diapers!

Contact us by phone 360-399-1586 or email at calista@diaperbankskagit.org to start a monthly giving program. Cornerstone members make sure kids have what they need, when they need it. Your monthly commitment meets the needs of local children and families by helping us to plan ahead, budget more effectively, and respond immediately.

More ways to give:

Give through Facebook directly on our Facebook page or start a Facebook Fundraiser for your birthday or another special event!

Give through a workplace giving campaign or United Way by designating the Diaper Bank of Skagit County when making your pledge.

Host and event or community drive: Your celebration can become a special event for the Diaper Bank of Skagit County. A baby shower, birthday, or neighborhood holiday party is a great way for people to donate money or diapers. Look up Diaper Drive on our site to find out more.

Attend a Diaper Bank of Skagit County event! Gifts of any size are most welcome and appreciated.