Children's Day Remembered

On December 14, 1954 a universal day dedicated to children was instituted by United Nation’s Resolution 836 (IX) as an observance of the understanding and brother hood among all the children of the world. It was also used to outline a solemn oath to children that the world would do whatever it took to protect, educate, and secure their overall well-being.

Founder Calista Scott and Family

In 1955 as Easter approached, I recall asking my mother if my sister and I might be getting new shoes or clothes for Easter Sunday (April 10th). She told me that this year we would, instead, be dressing up for Children’s Day in June. (I had never heard of Children’s Day.) Whereas we lived in Vermont, she added, there wouldn’t be snow and it would be a much better time for new shoes and dresses.

Perhaps it was because my mother was a teacher (first through eighth grade in a one-room schoolhouse), that she and the minister of the Congregational Church were aware of this day dedicated to children, and chose to participate.

On Children’s Day, mothers wore flowers in honor of their role. My sister Judi and I were fortunate to have matching dresses made by our grandmother, Rose. At a point during the church service, the minister paused to walk into the congregation and explain to the children that this was a special day in honor of children. I remember being in awe of the moment and feeling recognized as good or important. I don’t remember that there were any future Children’s Day celebrations after that. I am so glad that I experienced and remember the day; and for the wonderful photo to remind me.

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