Demand for Diaper Bank Services is Sky-High

From the Washington Post: Chelesa Presley is deeply familiar with the struggles of young families, first from her years as a social worker and now from running a nonprofit in one of Mississippi’s poorest regions. She’s used to the questions about car seats, nursing and colicky babies, but paying for diapers is always the chronic and most-pressing worry.

“I see parents not putting anything on their babies because they don’t have diapers,” she said. “I’ve seen people use shopping bags with some rags in it. I’ve seen T-shirts. I’ve seen people keeping the diapers on longer than necessary, and the diapers sag down when the babies walk.”

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Chelesa Presley, center, and workers with Diaper Bank of the Delta gather boxes at a distribution site in Alligator, Miss. (Andrea Morales for The Washington Post)

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