News from the National Diaper Bank Network

In a new op-ed, NDBN CEO Joanne Samuel Goldblum and co-author of "Broke in America" writes, "there are necessities beyond the means of people in poverty and no public programming to help them bridge that gap. Without these necessities, people miss work and school. They get sick. They sink deeper into poverty."

"We have proved that families who receive free diapers earn more money and have healthier children. Parents report that they and their children are “happier” as a result of the diapers. You can help people work their way out of poverty, just by giving them diapers. By taking away one of the stressors that comes with poverty, you can make a home a much more developmentally healthy place for a baby to grow up."

Giving people diapers does not solve everything. But it solves quite a bit.

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