NW Tower Brass holds Impromptu Fundraiser for Diaper Bank of Skagit County

Tower Music honors a tradition reaching back to antiquity when various brass instruments were used to call or signal attention to events and situations: for better (the arrival of royalty, weddings, pageants, hunts and jousts) or for worse (invading or marauding armies and other serious actions).

NW Tower Brass continues with this tradition by "calling attention" to various causes with their causal concerts for the public, and then generously donating the funds given by the audience. So "CHEERS"to the Brass Ensemble for playing at the Mount Vernon Riverside Market site with proceeds going to the Diaper Bank of Skagit County. With $75 donated by the community, fifty-two babies in Skagit County can look forward to a very happy day and a good night of sleep. Thank You, Brass Ensemble!

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