Photo - Stephanie Tordini - Island Hospi

Stephanie Tordini is a Registered Nurse at Island Hospital. She provides maternity support services and infant case management. 

Photo - Liam Perez, Melissa Lantis - Sea

Liam and his mother know what a difference diapers make for their quality of life.

Photo - Diapers at the Door (Michelle Sk

“The diapers have been a support to our community during COVID.  I have not been giving diapers directly, but doing porch drops or mailing them to my clients.”

– Michelle Skidmore Program Manager of WIC Swinomish

Dear Community,                                                                             
Thank you for your love, loyalty, and enthusiasm for the work of the Diaper Bank of Skagit County.
We are excited to share that we just passed a milestone by donating over ½ million diapers to families in Skagit County. We could not have done this without you. 
In 2019 we donated two dozen diapers each month, to over 500 children. In 2020, due to the pandemic, we had to stop accepting in-kind donations. But as new funding became available, we purchased diapers from a source available to diaper banks. We began adding agencies and arrived at our goal of donating 50 diapers per child. A special thanks goes out to the the Children’s Museum for graciously providing storage space, allowing us to order more diapers at a lower cost.
Our goal for 2021 is to reach more families.  We are ready.  You are a part of this wonderful, nation-wide project to keep babies clean, dry and comfortable.  You are helping families to experience greater health and happiness, and you are insuring a better future for our next generation.
Thank you,
Calista and Dean Scott, Founder and Executive Director

From our Community Partners

“Families are so touched and helped with the diapers we are able to give them, because of the Diaper Bank.  They are able to use the money they have for food & bills.”
-Love Inc
“We continue working with families as times continue to be difficult for many. Little by little, Sea Mar staff has become more familiar with the Skagit Diaper Bank resource and often send referrals to us”.
“I wanted to take a minute and tell you how thankful I am that this service is here to help the families I work with.  They get food stamps and often times that’s their only source of money coming in so I am always looking for tooth paste t-paper and the essentials. When the families call and say I’m almost out of diapers and wipes and formula its nice to know I have a resource for diapers.  So thank you very very much.” -Skagit Head Start
Photo - Dean Scott - Diaper Delivery - 0

Executive Director, Dean Scott,

out for diaper delivery!

Photo - Community Action WIC Staff - Con

“Our clients are SO appreciative of the assistance with diapers. It really reduces some of their stress. And the WIC staff understands how large the need is and are excited to be able to assist”.

- Community Action Staff

Photo - Maya Martinez with Jose, Ian, an

Because of Diaper Bank assistance, Maria can afford other essentials for her children, Jose, Ian, and Arnoldo.

Photo - Angela Sanchez (mom) and Josue S

Angela and her son Josue live a little bit easier with a stock of clean fresh diapers.